Friday, November 30, 2012

Mornings, motorcycles, and minature sasquatches

So they say those days you don't want to get up and run is the days you really should, it's the most rewarding. Hmm, I can personally vouch at being awake at 5:30, not wanting to get up, not being able to fall asleep and huffing it outside to run. Thankfully it wasn't kick you in the nuts cold outside, cause really, it's already kick you in the nuts early out, and we don't need another kick. Speaking of kicks, I still continue to be amazed at the difference good shoes make. If you are running, thinking about it, fearing it, avoiding it like a, well, kick to the nuts, I highly recommend have a gait analysis and some shoes recommended. It will rock your world like this. Anyways, off I went, and, I must say, coming home to the sun rising is pretty nice. So that was the motivational moment for the day cause it was all downhill from there.

Rant of the Day: So I am driving to work today and on the radio I hear a commercial for motorcycles, fair enough, seems to be the wrong season, but go on. It keeps mentioning owning the road and freedom. Wait a minute, let me get this straight, a powered bicycle is owning the road? So, when that semi you are weaving in and out of hits you, who owns what road? And freedom of what? Driving? I am pretty sure I can do that too. I am sure there is a certain exhilaration of have wind slap you driving around, but what are you free from? Doors? Protective devices to save you from moron drinking coffee in his Camry over there not paying attention? I better continue before I get more confused

Work, it happened. Moving on.

Now, I consider myself in some semblance of shape, but put two small children around me, and watch me crumble like ARod in the post-season. They need fitness classes for taking care of children. Seriously, has this been invented yet? Like 20 reps of bathtub dips, 10 reps of double child squats, 10 reps of run to the potty sprints, 5 reps of intense vigorous scolding, and round it out with 30 seconds chasing kids away from the outlets. Pretty sure this is a lost Insanity disc.

Oh well, maybe some video games with smooth out the end of the day...shhh just don't remind I am what the Spaniards call, el terrible.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is probably one of the funnier things I have ever read, if you have never read Cracked then you should start asap as your life is without humor or meaningless interweb reading...and here is a fantastic place to start.

Out of the woods...

Here is my first blog. Who is this person you may ask, but probably not cause you probably know me if you are reading this. Tall, gangly, hairy, typical sasquatch traits. Hence the name. I have a new found love of running. Love sports in general. Video games enteratin me (or give me aneurisms, not sure which or how to differentiate). Books, music, movies, rum are all good things as well. I have 2 squatchlings, and an ex-squatch as well.
I will say, running has been amazing. About 2 years ago a buddy o mine joined me in a little friendly competition on who could lose more weight. What happened next was probably considered a felony in some states. For some odd reason, an angry black man yelling at us to dig deeper seemed like a good idea (Insanity, it will destroy you, in a good way). That was good enough for the time being. It did its job, weight was lost, there was much rejoicing. Then my son came along, sympathy eating happened, weigh was gained. Well, it was time to put the fork back down and get back into shape, again. So I picked up running. Got me some mizuno wave rider 15s and started hitting it. Well, at first, 20 minutes was a damn eternity and 1.76 miles was like driving across the country. Well. Now, It would seem that 80lbs has been taken from me, and 1 hr ain't so bad and 8 miles is a solid run. I highly recommend the hobby. Watch out for dogs though, they bite.
So that seems like a good place to start. i hope to use this for something productive, just have no idea what yet. Maybe i will figure it out sometime.
Blogs, writings, words, things to come soon.