Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Xmas List

The Modular Gym Bag, by Orange Mud
Orange Mud Gym Bag - (Preorder) This one is a doozy. I have been needing a better bag to start going to the gym on lunch hour and being able to shower and get back to work. This guy is perfect. As with everything OM does, it was built to withstand everything that rough and tumble trips to the gym entails. It's also basically of nesting doll of awesome for storage of all the stinkies that need to be kept contained. Pre-order yours right here with a 10% discount using the code 'Sasquatch'.

Amrita Bars - I tried these and found a hit! I had been eating Honey Stinger Waffles and they are quite good but these had more flavor but not in a excessive way. Also, it is a soft bar, which had me worried, but not a wad of clay like a lot of other soft bars. Think more like a soft-baked cookie. The bars were quite tasty and really did the trick while out running and bounding through the woods. I brought them out with me on my last Fat Ass race and they were awesome. I never once felt out of energy or ill. I think I need more.

Skora Tempo - Coming 2015- I cannot wait to give these guys a lot of miles I love the Fit and and cannot wait to see what the Tempo brings in terms of flexibility and feel with little extra protection for them extra pointy angry rocks. Another thing I love is Skora durability. I have  had 6 pair and only 1 had had to be retired, and that was after almost 500 mi of tough as hell trail, rocks, roots, obstacle courses with what can best be described as nuclear waste ponds, etc. They earned their keep. And the Forms, my first pair, have almost 800 mi and still routinely kick out awesome runs. LOVE THESE SHOES!
fēnix® 2

Garmin Fenix 2 - I have always wanted a full-fledged GPS watch and HRM. This one seems to be one of the best of the bunch. I try not to dictate my workouts by a singular number, but I do like looking at the data post run and marrying that with how I felt. Besides, I not having to run my phone would be nice and, well, it looks nice. Cause that matters too right?

The TITIN Force™ Shirt System

Titin Tech Weighted Shirt - Ever since I saw these on Twitter a few months ago and an AWESOME review by my buddy Ultrarunner Joe I have been intrigued. I am not a big "hit the weights" guy. I have bad form and sub-par knees (thanks collegiate tennis). but this seemed like a means to get a little more strength training in while I was doing what I loved, running. The premise and design seems so much more sound versus just a big bulky weighted vest that would bounce around. I really want to give this a good spin around our little hills and see how it helps when the big hills come into play as well as build better endurance late in races.  (P.S. - If your looking be sure to check out Joe's review as he has a nice little bonus if you buy, an Orange Mud towel which is it's own bit of awesome).

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