Monday, January 5, 2015

Year End/Year Beginning

Well it is time to kick 2014 to the curb like 2 week old chinese food in bring in all that fresh General's 2015 Chicken. 2014 was an interesting if not sub-optimal year full of way too many cases  of lingering illnesses. That is rare for me, but, young kids are like little CDC emergencies so it was bound to happen. Goals were not met, ample fun was lost, spiders almost won. It was a letdown of sorts as far as results go.

However all was not lost, I had some amazing opportunities come up this year as well. First I was fortunate enough to be select as ambassador for a few awesome companies! Skora Running, Orange Mud Hydration, and Bioskin all allowed me the opportunity to promote their awesome products and I am very grateful. They make awesome stuff and you should definitely check 'em out as they have some pretty amazing stuff lined up for 2015. Looking forward to continuing spouting for these guys and who knows who else may allow me to jabber for them. Stay Tuned.

Far more importantly though I learned I am a dump truck and not a Porsche. Some of you may point out that I am wrong, I am a human and not a motor vehicle at all. Quiet you! What I mean is that I should not be quickly accelerating. I have this problem with wanting to put the pedal to the floor and go. I do this is races sometimes, especially right after I spend time walking, I go full speed again. I learned that I am dump truck and therefore need to go slowly. Slow my roll for training, slowly accelerate my speed/distance/etc. Don't just go 0-60, work up to is and then when I achieve that speed it will be hard to stop.

Another thing I found late in the year is a zest for Fat Asses. No, not those, very loosely organized "races" where the goal is have fun and go far, not times or medals. I found my joy in running again and that probably falls in line with the above lesson. Grinding hard kinda wore me out and my body and mind kinda weren't ready. So, thanks to my friends who organized the social running, it was fun to not have any worries other than the next few steps. In the same line I was also fortunate enough to pace a buddy through a tough Flatrock 101k. It was my first time pacing as well as first time on the trail. Gorgeous if not tough place to run through. Had an amazing view in the night time in a clearing turning our headlamps off. It was great to bring him back to the finish line and I was honored to be there.

So what is going on for 2015? Well, I am going to continue dump-trucking. Building myself back up and seeing what I can get myself into. We have been fortunate enough to get a little snow and get a nice little cold weather run to start the year off right. I am still of the mind that being first out on a trail after snowfall is a rare joy and must be taken when given the chance. As for beyond the now, I don't know. I have a lot of races and places I would like to do but in the end time will tell. I am more going to focus on what I am doing now and worry about that stuff later. I know for sure Flatrock 50k calls my name and I will more than likely do Hawk Hundred cause it's my favorite, but aside from that? I dunno? But it is time to start finding out! Cheers to you in 2015!


  1. I like the goals you are setting and if you are a dump truck, I am an old 1971 Camaro that badly needs an overhaul and re-build. Was fast once upon a time, but time and the owner ignoring needed repairs has left this model a lot worse for wear.

    1. Respect the classics! They have seen a lot of road!