Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jesus Christ in Sneakers
Quick entry here. 
I have always been amazed by what people can do in athletics.  I think that's why I started playing.  I have seen many great players do tons of awesome things.  But I am not sure I have ever seen anyone do anything like LeBron.  Transcendent is the only way to describe him.  Anything that tall (6'9") or that big (270lbs) should not be able to move like that.  3 steps from 26 ft to Dunk on your face awesomeness.   That's not bad defense either.  There is just no way to recover.  Tyson Chandler, one of the best in the NBA at stopping that very play, knows at the top of the key its over. 
Move bitch, get out the way.
Glad I get to see him play.

Tom Haslett

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