Monday, December 3, 2012

Long runs at home, long days in KC

Well, I always dread taking the kids back, so a good run was what I needed to cheer me up. Thankfully, the weather has been phenomenal around here for December, and we both know here in Kansas it can be 70 and sunny today and 20 and snowing the next day. Really, its like blindly eating out of a bag of jelly beans, one reach in you get a red one and you're all smiles, next time into the bag you get a black licorice one and you are regretting life choices. But I digress. I figured it would be a fantastic opportunity to do a lake lap.

Got to the lake, gorgeous out, got loose and ready to go. Started across the dam, ugh, no energy. Hmm, this could be bad. Kept on trucking. I felt like frogger a bit cause there was a stream of bikes zipping around all over. Suffice it to say, I would win some of those collisions as well, but I stayed on my side and kept out of the way. The lake is great route, scenic, some hills, occasional wildlife, however apparently geese were enjoying the lake more than I was. For about a 3 mile stretch it looked like a pack of geese went on a Taco Bell bender after downing a case of Busch Lite. Maybe that is where I got a little boost, getting past the bird poo as quick as possible. Thankfully, got all the way around, back to the dam in record time, but I wasn't done. One more across the dam and next bridge back to the fringe of the bird binge fallout and then back across the dam. 8.34 miles, 1 hr 3 min 16 seconds, at'll do pig.

Speaking of at'll do, thank sports gods that my Jayhawks have mercifully ended their football season. I tend to have a lot of blind optimism in my teams and I know they improved. But by the end, a completed pass was cause for celebration and a defensive stop was an elusive pipe-dream. At least we got basketball, I think. Maybe. We have, uh, a shot-blocker? That's fun right? Please?

On a sadder note, I was heart broken hearing the news out of KC this weekend. Two young lives gone. Thoughts go out to the families and friends of Ms. Perkins and Belcher. I think the thing that really hit me hard was their little girl, a 3 month old that will never know her parents outside of this tragedy.

I think I will end this post with a couple links in case anyone reading (wishful thinking) needs it: - Domestic Violence National Hotline

And this one cause it always gets me and it is that time of the year:

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